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Diacraft® is a multi-faceted and varied US firm that was founded in 1988.

We specialise in the manufacture of gemstones and jewelry. We are also dealers of special antique and vintage jewelry and collectibles.

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Diacraft is ready to impress when quality and design is paramount for collectors and clients

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Diacraft® exhibits at major international jewelry trade exhibitions where it presents to its prospective clients who are mainly designers and collectors.

New and exotic gemstones in special shapes/cuts are always being prepared and manufactured, they are eventually introduced nationally and internationally either during trade fairs or by special appointments worldwide.

Diacraft® manufactures a bespoke collection of very fine jewelry. We use noble metals as well as the space age metal, titanium. These limited, one-of-a-kind production of jewels is earmarked for clients that want high fashion that is totally new and refreshing.

Our look has been established and sought after by collectors and dealers worldwide.

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